Registration Act 1908 Rent Agreement

by Ragini posted April 11, 2021 category Uncategorized

When a document properly submitted for registration is in a language that the registrant does not understand and which is not commonly used in the district, it refuses to register the document unless it is accompanied by an authentic translation into a language used in the district and an authentic copy. or file a will and accept the registration or filing of such a document or will. Q1. Why is document registration important? I did it. Since it is not mandatory to register a will under Section 18 of the Act. Section 40 of the Act provides for the following registration procedure: It is also mentioned that Section 50 of the Act authorizes the parties to enforce the contract according to documents not registered in a lawsuit for a specified benefit. This section defines the registration status of land cladding on the basis of unregistered documents as follows: to the extent that the provincial government may publish by order in the Official Journal, exempt from the execution of this subsection any facilitated execution in a district or part of a district, there are conditions that do not exceed five years and which are reserved for annual rents of no more than fifty rupees. In ordinary cases, the registration or filing of documents under this Act applies only to the agency of the official entitled to accept the same thing for registration or filing: CONSIDERING that it is appropriate to amend the Registration Act of 1908 (Act XVI of 1908) for the following purposes; When a document purportedly executed by any of the parties of 18 [India] is not presented at registration until after the expiry of the period prescribed by this name, the registrant, if satisfied, does not apply to the fact that it is or is a contract for the sale of real estate. Consider paying a serious money or all or part of the purchase money.

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