Granite School District Professional Agreement

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The borough`s education committee approved the one-off bonuses this week and called them “the craziest neighborhood of your career.” All contract educators will receive a 1% bonus. And employees get $100 an hour. Winder said school staff helped keep the numbers “relatively low” by requiring masks and social renunciation. The borough also spent $4 million on safety equipment, detergents and air filters, she added. In total, since the start of the school year, the borough has seen 296 cases of coronavirus among its students and staff. It is the fourth-highest district in the state. The Alpine School District, Utah`s largest, saw 689 according to the Utah Department of Health. “You work so hard in difficult circumstances,” Granite School Board President Lekaryn Winder said in a statement. “We know and understand that it`s not easy.” (Photo courtesy of Granite School District) Pictured is Maddison Steenblik, a new teacher at West Lake Junior High. Granite School District gives a bonus to all teachers and school staff. The additional pay will come on October 30 employee paycheck, in addition to the 5% pay increase that Granite teachers negotiated this summer. The borough pays the bonuses on the reserves.

Winder said the borough will use its additional funds to employ all employees. In a video recording, Winder said the district will also use its reservations to avoid dismissal. According to the provisional number of students this fall, Granite has seen a drop in enrolments of a few hundred children. As a result, she had a surplus of 17 teachers. Bonuses are, at least in part, an attempt to improve relations with teachers. This month, teachers and administrators from the Granite School District will receive a “COVID bonus” for their work in training students during the pandemic. “We hope this bonus will express our sincere and profound appreciation for your ongoing efforts,” Winder added. She noted that “every dollar is worth it. … It is clear that the preparation and efforts that have been made and continue to be undertaken are working. »

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