Easme Grant Agreement

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Please check the coordinator`s toolkit to help you prepare your proposal and manage the grant! The contractual terms of the project are defined in a standard grant contract. It is a model agreement, used for all projects, which describes the covered action, the EU budget and grants, the duration of the projects and the roles and responsibilities of all actors in the implementation of the project. The grant contract must be signed before the project begins. The model financial assistance agreement is made available in conjunction with each call for proposals, in order to take into account the specifics of each appeal. The frequency and number of reports are defined in the grant agreement and may vary depending on the objectives, activities and expected results, as well as the duration of the project for each project. There are three types of reports: progress, interim reports and final reports. All types of reports require technical information on the implementation of the project, up to different degrees of detail. However, only the interim and final reports also contain a financial report. The EMFF payment toolkit is intended to provide you with information on preparing a payment request as part of a FEAMP grant. Once the project proposal has been selected for funding, the first phase before the project begins will be the preparation of the grant agreement. EASME may ask the project coordinator to adapt certain technical or financial elements of the proposal as part of the preparation of the grant agreement.

A declaration on the distribution of EU aid among partners is required for grants to consortia at the end of the project. If the grant agreement provides for this, an external audit statement is provided in addition to the financial report. EASME provides templates for the various reports needed to make the process as simple and transparent as possible. These financial and administrative guidelines are intended to help LIFE applicants and beneficiaries understand: in order to ensure continuity of work during the COVID 19 pandemic, we have temporarily adapted the requirements for submitting changes and/or payment requests. These requests must be emailed to the following EASME-LIFE-ENQUIRIES@ec.europa.eu, a copy of the appropriate EASME project advisor and external monitor. For heavy emails with multiple attachments, alternatives such as Dropbox can be used to transmit information. Please do not send us copies of these requests. The main changes to the last update of 25.11.2020 are on page 1. All your questions about the effects of COVID-19 will be answered in this section. If your project was funded by the 2007-2013 LIFE program, please use the documents published on the LIFE Project Management page (2007-2013). The implementation of the projects will be closely monitored by EASME on behalf of the European Commission, to ensure that projects take full advantage of their potential and produce the desired results.

To facilitate this follow-up, projects must submit reports at different stages of the project`s lifespan. EASME provides templates and forms for various reports, financial documents, guides and other reference documents relating to the financing and tendering portal.

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