Warsaw Agreement

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The limitations of liability were initially expressed in goldfranken (defined in a certain amount of gold in accordance with Article 22, paragraph 5, of the Convention). These amounts have been modified by Montreal`s Additional Protocol 2 to replace an expression in the form of SDr. These amounts apply in the absence of an agreement (on a larger amount) with the carrier. Agreements for lower amounts are null and void. Any clause contained in the contract and in all specific agreements concluded before the arrival of the injury and by which the parties claim to violate the rules established by this Convention, whether by the decision on the applicable law or by amending the rules of jurisdiction, is null and void. However, arbitration clauses are permitted for the transport of goods, subject to this Convention, where arbitration is to take place in one of the legal systems covered by Article 28, paragraph 1. 2. In the case of such transport, the passenger or his representative may only act against the carrier that carried out the transport during which he carried out the accident or delay, unless the first carrier has assumed responsibility for the entire trip by express. 3. With respect to baggage or goods, the passenger or shipper has the right to sue the first carrier, and the passenger or recipient who has the right to deliver has the right to sue the last carrier and, furthermore, any person who carried out the transport during which the destruction , the loss, damage or delay has occurred. These carriers are jointly responsible to the passenger or sender or recipient. 2. The baggage ticket is divided into two copies, one part for the passenger and the other for the carrier.

3. For the purposes of this agreement, transport by several successive airlines is considered undivided if it has been considered by the parties to be a single transaction, whether it has been concluded in the form of a single contract or a number of contracts, and it does not lose its international character solely on the basis that a contract or a certain number of contracts must be executed entirely within a territory. sovereignty, mandate or authority of the same contracting High Party. 5. If, at the request of the shipper, the carrier submits the letter of air transport, it applies, subject to evidence to the contrary, to what it did on behalf of the shipper. 2. Membership is made by a notification to the Government of the Republic of Poland, which informs the government of each of the High Contracting Parties.

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