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(3): Passport not recognized by the HM government – the visa should be issued in a uniform format (UFF). Citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland enjoy rights similar to those of EU citizens. The EU has agreements with these countries on very extensive residence rights. If you are both a British citizen and a citizen of one of these countries, you should act as Jane does in our example. Of the 58 countries and territories outside the European Union, of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, whose citizens benefit from the visa exemption in the United Kingdom for 6 months, a group visa valid for the Schengen-authorized destination system (ADS) is valid if the holder travels to the country where he has issued electronic visas or electronic residence permits is not acceptable for air transit, unless the airline can check with the country of issue. Syrian nationals holding a U.S. B1/B2 visa are not exempt. (1): Holders of diplomatic and special passports do not require a visa for official visits, sightseeing or transit. All travellers arriving directly from the Republic of Ireland (i.e. from the common travel area) in the Crown Dependencies (the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) are not subject to routine immigration checks and do not receive a passport stamp upon arrival. Non-visa holders automatically receive a 3-month stay leave and are not allowed to work during this period.

[30] [32] As of 3 March 2009, a transitional regime was introduced for South African nationals who held a valid South African passport and had entered the UK legally with that passport in order to continue to enter the UK without a visa, while all other South African citizens had to apply for a visa. On the same day, Taiwanese nationals could enter the UK without a visa. [160] [161] On 18 May 2009, Bolivian citizens could no longer enter the UK without a visa and Venezuelan citizens had to present a biometric passport in order to enter the UK without a visa. [162] On 1 July 2009, all South African citizens had to apply for a visa to enter the UK.

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