Simple Investment Agreement Malaysia

by Ragini posted December 17, 2020 category Uncategorized

Once the conditions have been met, the issuer is required to grant you shares, as well as other investors or the agent who have invested in the issuer. The issuer`s secretary issues share certificates to the investor or trust created, depending on the time, within fourteen (14) working days from the date of compliance. Investors and/or nominees and the issuer make physical copies of the shareholders` pact when the time comes. Your interactions with us and other members as part of the platform are done almost exclusively via the platform. As an investor, you use the platform to view offers, interact with issuers via a private messaging tool on the platform and/or make investments. Any financial, commercial or other information from the issuer that may be relevant to your investment decision may not be made available to you, even if it is deemed appropriate; The stock subscription form and/or any other subscription document contains important information about your investment and the offer that involves a commitment to invest in the issuer the amount agreed under a nominary agreement established for the specific offer in exchange for the share subscription. (a) conduct your own in-depth research, analysis and analysis of the issuer and all relevant information and documents; and (b) consult with their own professional financial and legal advisors to assess the benefits and risks before they participate in an investment; As part of an investment, the company will require and collect your personal data to be processed by us on your behalf in order to complete your participation in an offer and for the purposes described in the company`s privacy statement. This information includes, but is not limited to: Notwithstanding paragraph 12.1 (cessation of activities), there are circumstances in which we can end your access to the platform, even if you still have investments within the platform. In these circumstances, the use of the platform may include in one way or another: If and to the extent that you invest via the platform, you are our client and we treat you as our clients for all purposes related to the respective investment. Your affiliation with this platform is personal to you and, therefore, none of your rights or obligations related to your membership or activities on the platform can be assigned, rebuilt, transferred or delegated to another person, unless this Agreement and other agreements you enter into with us provide for other agreements.

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