Prime Contract Agreement Definition

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What is even more useful is that the main contract can be used to describe a supply contract with a single point liability, in which subcontracting costs (Prime Costs) are reimbursed, and a royalty for overhead and profits (i.e. a principal contract, contract plus contract or refund contract). For more information, see Prime Cost Contract. The resulting order is under contract under a premium U.S. government contract, the following clauses are included in the terms of the resulting order and constitute a party. 1. The type of subcontracting is negotiable. Although the main order may be a fixed price or the type of “time and materials” contract, the under-order may be refundable or some other type. Despite this confusion of definitions, several forms of major contraction have certain common characteristics, advantages and difficulties. TIP: It is recommended to use some form of this agreement when associating other companies and companies with preliminary discussions on the pursuit of common business interests.

It`s a good idea for your marketing/marketing agents to have a copy of the agreement executed before starting preliminary discussions with potential team partners and before sharing proprietary business information or other protected information about your business and its marketing and business interests. (Ref. Prime Contracting on the now archived MOD property.) 6. Your relative trading strength could be greater in this starting state than after awarding the contract or vice versa – your best business judgment will tell you when to push and when you should admit. When a project has multiple sources of funding and/or methods for project preparation, it can encourage a general contractor to carry out several main contracts: to become a principal contractor, a company must first register with the Price Management System (SAM). Federal award opportunities can be covered by FedBizOpps and GSA Schedules. You`ll find outsourcing opportunities in the outsourcing network database and in historical market information available in federal acquisition database systems – Next Generation.

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