Porsche Lease Agreement

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Do you like your current Porsche too much to let go of it? We understand that. Renew your lease and stay in your current Porsche model. 1 The “Porsche” participation in the Porsche (WTP) requires that customers currently rent a competitive vehicle and rent or finance an eligible vehicle via pfsS. The competitive lease is limited to such a contract within 180 days of the expiry date of the new PFS contract date. The benefits of the WTP program are not transferable. The eligibility of the program is limited to the taker under the existing competitive lease. Other WTP eligibility benefits and conditions can be obtained from your participating Porsche dealer. By every hairpin turn and open immediately, the time you spend with your Porsche vehicle is clearly yours. Don`t let your porsche passion fade away just because your current lease is coming to an end. Learn more about your end-of-lease options and learn more about them. 2 End of Term Lease Loyalty Program Offer (EOTLLP) CGV: Eligible customers are entitled to a waiver of 3 remaining payments under a Porsche Financial Services (PFS) lease agreement that exists when ignition of vehicles, When the customer executes a new leasing or financing contract for an eligible porsche vehicle, some qualified customers may be renouncing a maximum of 12 remaining payments depending on the model of the vehicle and the year of the model rental and existing vehicles. An eligible vehicle is a new and untitled Porsche vehicle, an existing PFS leasing contract with an initial duration of less than 24 months is not suitable for the program. The customer must return the existing leased vehicle (see the existing lease agreement for return details) at the same time as the conclusion of a new pfS lease or PFS financing contract.

The customer is responsible for complying with all other conditions of the existing lease (excess mileage, excess wear and tear, late charges, overdue or cancelled payments and any other fees or charges due under the contract), the PFS EOTLLP applies only to payments scheduled on the existing lease due on or after the date or after the new date of the PFS contract (customers are not eligible). , outstanding payments are not eligible for the EOTLLP offer. The number of monthly payments that are not made depends on the remaining duration of the S PFS lease. The maximum number of cancelled payments depends on the model of the vehicle and the year. The amount of each monthly payment to which it is waived is set in the client`s existing PFS lease. The maximum amount of each monthly waiver is $2,500. If the monthly payment is greater than the maximum amount, the customer receives the waiver of US$2,500 (the customer is responsible for any difference between the waiver and the monthly payment), when the PFS vehicle is returned from the disposition fee. The EOTLLP PFS cannot be cashed in cash, cannot be applied or credited on the new sale, leasing or financing transaction. Limit a PFS EOTLLP offer per customer account indicated. The PFS EOTLLP is not transferable.

For more information, contact your licensed Porsche dealer. While buying a new Porsche is the most exciting part of the leasing process, it`s only part of it. There are still a few questions to answer. Take a look at the FAQs for the leasing-end process below: time passes when you embrace curves in a Porsche. And if the time has come until the end of your rental period, why should your Porsche experience follow? Our leasing and single pay lease offer you a wide range of ways to meet your different needs and make the transition from your current lease to another all-new Porsche as easy as engine start-up. Receive a credit for up to 3 equivalent payments (up to $1,500 each) for your current lease. Leasing is a simple way to trade your vehicle regularly, maintain constant warranty coverage 2 and use the latest products without having to negotiate or sell your vehicle to move on to the next one.

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