I’m Ragini Kathail, a recent graduate of Pomona College in Claremont, Calif, and this is my account of trying to start a sustainable computer literacy program in a small village in India. My philosophy is pretty simple: find out what people need and want and help them achieve it, with an eye towards social justice, gender equity, and the effects of imperialism. I’ll be documenting the process, as well as examining my own preconceptions and privileges.

In Hindi, my last name means “jackfruit,” which was the inspiration for the title (and banner!) of this blog. I’ll confess that I’ve only eaten jackfruit once, and I have no recollection of its taste.

Things I like: social/environmental/climate justice, science, photography, books, public radio, penguins, pop culture, art, food, silliness, the oxford comma, and any intersection of the above.