We’ve finally made some progress on getting the school a solution to their broken UPS. In March, we tried to use a voltage stabilizer as a cheaper alternative, since buying a new UPS was proving to be too expensive, but that plan didn’t work. The stabilizer couldn’t handle the large voltage fluctuations at the school.

Instead, the school is going to buy individual UPS units for each computer. They already bought one Intex model for Rs. 1450, and the teacher has verified that it can support one computer during the time when the school has electricity. The store in Bhopal has agreed to sell the school ten more units for Rs. 1200 each, which is still a little steep for the school’s limited budget, especially since they’ll have to shell out money again for new UPS batteries in a couple of years. We’re hoping, however, that this purchase will allow them to restart the computer literacy classes. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.