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Next visit!

I’ll be in Bijawar in a couple of weeks, so watch out for more posts!

Help from the unlikeliest places

When the UPS unit originally stopped working last November, we asked the school to put in a request through official government channels to get it fixed, figuring that it couldn’t hurt. Well, after a year of struggling to just get this one piece of hardware fixed, or to find a workaround, the government sent the...

A new plan

We’ve finally made some progress on getting the school a solution to their broken UPS. In March, we tried to use a voltage stabilizer as a cheaper alternative, since buying a new UPS was proving to be too expensive, but that plan didn’t work. The stabilizer couldn’t handle the large voltage fluctuations at the school....
Making do

Making do

I haven’t updated in a while, but here’s a picture of the wires at the boys’ HS school. Pretty horrifying, right? Here’s a close-up. See the rock? The one tied to the wire to provide enough tension to keep everything in contact in all the right places? Yeah.


We talked to the teacher at the boys’ high school last night, and he confirmed that they bought one voltage stabilizer for their computers. We think that this can serve 5-6 computers at one time, but he’s going to do some testing and find out for sure. Board exams started at the school at the...

Winter 2009-2010 update

This is a mostly comprehensive summary of what we did in Bijawar this December. Computer maintenance We talked to the people at two computer shops in Chhatarpur – Microworld Computers, whom we were referred to by an acquaintance who runs a cyber cafe, and Computer Care & Ware. We stopped by Microworld Computers, but there...