We spent an hour today working on the kids’ typing skills, using some free software that we dug up on a CD at the school in December. It’s surprisingly good for something that was on a CD otherwise full of junk. The lessons are straightforward, and the kids really enjoyed the subsequent games and then competing against each other to get the highest accuracy/WPM scores on the tests.

I also put together a very simple powerpoint, with one vocab word per slide, to review some of the concepts we’d worked on previously. The kids remembered some things, but their information retention is a little low, so we asked them to review all the stuff they’ve written down in their notebooks.

Hopefully the teacher will be able to wrangle up some more kids, this time ones who don’t have any computer experience, for tomorrow, and we’ll be able to start a second shift of teaching.

So there’s apparently going to be a solar eclipse Wednesday morning around 5:30am. Let’s see if I get up in time to make some sort of makeshift pinhole camera and go up on the roof to watch it. Also, the weather has to be clear, which is a long shot in monsoon season.