Today we covered bit/byte/etc., as well as how to cut, copy, and paste files. I think that I need to emphasize the difference between cut and delete, though, because the distinction is fine and hard to grasp. We also covered how to manipulate multiple windows and figure out which one is currently active. We went over some basic Word terminology – pointer, cursor, selecting text, etc. I reviewed the previous few days’ vocab words with the kids using a powerpoint with pictures of various computer hardware and Windows screenshots.

While I do some prep work for the next day’s class, the teacher’s lack thereof is a bit frustrating – although understandable, as he’s got a lot on his plate at the moment. He’s very good with the kids and at handling a classroom, but as far as the actual material goes, he mostly just follows my lead, or teaches the kids whatever pops into his head. The concept of planning has gotten a bit lost. As the material gets more complicated, I think this is going to turn into an actual problem, as my Hindi skills are probably not going to be up to the task, and the teacher is going to have to do more of the actual explaining. Hopefully we can work out a regular time to go over what we want to teach the next day.

I also went back to the school in the afternoon and fixed up some small things that were inconsistent or broken. We still don’t have enough power strips to run all ten computers at the same time (which is kind of moot at this point, since one is totally broken and one doesn’t have some important – and unobtainable – software installed on it). It would nice to have the option, though.

While I was typing that, a really cute (but stupid) frog just bounced across the room and tried to hop onto a door, obviously failing to gain any foothold on a surface perpendicular to the floor. A mouse just also ran across the room. Ah, the rainy season. Also, an apparently very distressed cow yelped and mooed a few times, very loudly, just outside the open window.