We went to the boys’ high school in the morning yesterday, to work on setting up their computers while there was still electricity to run all of the computers at the same time. The boys’ high school is a middle school before noon. When we got there, the boys were doing yoga out in the front of their school (the photos were taken by my cousin Samradhi).

They were all so curious about what we were doing in a room full of computers that had probably never been opened in front of them before.

In the afternoon, we visited the girls’ high school again to work with three male teachers. In the evening, we started on the Internet with the four women teachers and continued to work on Excel with them.

Today, we did much the same. Instead of going to the girls’ high school in the afternoon, we went to Chhatarpur to pick up some supplies that we needed. In particular, we were missing one VGA-USB cable for an HP ScanJet, which we didn’t find.